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A lot going on in the forecast. Snap-On Tool Chest, north shore nonprofit has a working plow and oddly enough it has a thief to thank for that. lynn police say a man stole a broken plow blade from a daycare center. he returned it to working condition. christina Hager has the story new at 5.

It’s the story ever a no good thief caught on. Surveillance who actually did do some good. what is she wearing? blue. reporter: some of the cutest kids without even meaning to. they got a- go-to preskew run by Lynn economic opportunity a nonprofit providing heat and whether aid to low-income families and child care. one morning last week, the maintenance crew discovered the plow it uses to clear four lots missing. what are we going to do? reporter: and it’s worth. 7,000 dollars.

That means those are services we can’t provide to our low-income¬†children. people that are seeking fuel assistance and other heating assistance in the winter. What the fief didn’t realize there are surveillance cameras here overlooking the parking lot and white video didn’t show a clear picture of the license plate it showed enough of the soak the police tracked it down — vehicle the police were able to track it down. it showed a truck pull up mount the plow and take off in five minutes and bonus when police brought it back, they found the thief did two to 300 dollars of repairs he basically got the rust. Just in time for another storm. we are thankful.

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