Sears Tool Chest Craftsman Tool-Storage Accessories

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So you’ve got tools. and you have that fancy new tool chest. and now that you need your 3/4 inch sockets, it’s nowhere to be found. pick up craftsman tool-storage accessories and treat your tools with some respect.

Sears Tool Chest, non-slip drawer liners protect your tools and drawers from scratching each other, and hold tools in place when drawers are open or closed. the craftsman divider system creates compartments for your smaller tools and parts. plus, the pieces are modular, so you can customize your drawers for the tools you own. wrench and screwdriver holders make hand tool organization a breeze. they can be stored in a drawer or mounted to a wall for easy access. and craftsman socket organizers are designed to sit in your tool chest drawers and are available for inch, or metric sockets. So your 3/4 inch socket is right where you need, the second you need it.

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