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It would have had a complete set of tools in it. what’s that, masonry? screwdriver, spanners, a thing called the king dick there, which is adjustable, and a few other bits like’s wood and its felt covered.

Rolling Tool Chest, you can see that the insects have had a party that’s the best way.and it smells, I am afraid. the rats have been in here so it really does smell quite bad. but when you remove that from here, you then have in here the other tools your own little oil’s a nice one. it’s a nice one. it’s gorgeous. there is not any oil in it. the oil has all leaked out through the base of the thing. at least that is preserved. the base is covered in oil. you’ve got a grease gun.

How does that work? that’s the grease nozzle and this is oh, it’s a pump. it’s a pump. I think it’s a grease gun. it may be an oil pump for the suspension system because it had a self-oiling and then you have spare valves and valve springs all in their own little.

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As I said, I don’t understand why the queen is going to jump out and fit these when the valve spring breaks? and this was the standard issue, was it? this was the standard issue. cars of this period would tend to have things like toolkits underneath the front seat or folding out in the boot. the idea of these was they were meant to be for general services, for tuning and something like that. If you bought a Jaguar or a rover and the further down the order you got the smaller the toolkit got.and further up this is a very extensive lives under the driver’s seat. excellent.thank you.

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