Milwaukee Tool Chest Truxedo TonneauMate toolbox

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Hey guys, We just got our Truxedo TonneauMate toolbox. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m excited to get this thing out of the box and see what it looks like. so let’s get this thing open and out of here.

Milwaukee Tool Chest, all right. just looking at the top where I can see that that’s pretty cool. let me get this styrofoam out of here so we can get this completely out of the box.

Now, the neat trick here. let’s get it out of the box just like that. wowsers! this is pretty doggone cool guys. let’s open it up here and take a look. nice. get this out of here and we’ll see what’sin here in just a sec. gonna show you guys the inside of this. this is pretty nice.

Take a look at that, how it all comes. let’s open this box up and see what’s in here. ah ha. it looks like our hardware kit and our instructions. I’m just gonna set those back in there for now. what do we have here? ah, rails. we have our attaching rails and it looks like we also have some rubber seals. let’s see here.
Okay, good deal. let’s set those right there and see what else we have in here. ah, clamps. I’m guessing that this is going to be pretty important because these are what we’re going to need to hold our rails on with. obviously, there’s four, so two for each side. you can see what those look like. nice, heavy duty aluminum clamps. there’s more in here.

I’m kind of thinking these are the same things here for both sides. ah yes, our attachment hardware. these are gonna slide on from the sides over there on that side for this one. obviously, there’s a right and left here. I don’t know how well you guys can see those, but that’s some pretty nice quality construction right there. I’m expecting this thing to hold up very well. that’s all that’s in the box. whatever we have here.

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I’m guessing these are the same thing that we have here, only for the back side. that they in fact are. let’s get the other one out. it’s always fun to open this stuff up when you get it and see what’s in here. it’s always a good idea to just go through and see what all you have and get everything set out too.

There we go. all right guys. this is going to be pretty awesome on the truck, and I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t wait to get this thing installed.

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