Many Different Kinds Of Tool Chest

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Are we rolling now? ok, this is the long-awaited we talked about it’s unscripted and unrehearsed, whatever it is, it is here’s the project we’re going to be making, it’s a tool chest I made this at Roy underhill’s place and when I made it, I didn’t glue it together.

Tool Chest, it’s dovetailed and mortise and tenon, so when I made it I hammered it together without glue and the plan was that I would take it apart and put it in my luggage so we could fly it back to Allentown.

However, on the last day, I glued the sides up and the bottom Roy helped me, and when it was all done he said that’s great, but how are you going to get this to Allentown? I told him I’d find a way and Janeen and I went to chapel hill the next day and found a fed-x office and we shipped this box home inexpensively and the other parts we took home in our luggage.

So here it is, it’s a tool chest about half the size of a full sized chest and it’s how woodworkers stored their tools two hundred years ago most guys worked out of their homes, they didn’t have shops they worked in the living areas in their homes and they needed to be able to put their tools away so their house could be used for other household activities they didn’t want the kids grabbing razor-sharp tools so they made boxes like this one.

It’s made of native material, this is popular it’s a North American species, there were no poplar forests in Europe so if you find an antique made of popular it’s probably made in America its dovetail construction it will have a lid that will go together all handmade, no power tools were used and I’m going to keep it that way for fun.

We’re making trays for the top just like a modern tool chest has it will have handles hinges and a lock this is exactly how tool chests were made they made many different kinds but they are all similar in the features that they have in common when I got this home I glued up this apron this molded edge was not tacked on.

It’s all a solid piece I did this with a molding plane at the corner, you’ll see this dovetail it makes a nice solid corner but up here so the profile continues around the corner, it’s mitered so you have a mitered joint up here an interlocking dovetail down here very difficult to make because they must fit perfectly or you will have a gap, either in your dovetail.

Or in your miter, so the difficult part is getting all those corners just right and if the lengths of the boards are not exact you get a gap in your case that’s been done, i spared you the stress of that part but I promise I’ll spare you no other stressful situations we’re will do as much of this on camera as we can next we will glue up of this top and I’ll talk about the glue I’m using.

And then we’ll shoot another episode about the hardware were in the process now of finding the hardware and when we do, we’ll do a show on that so I think that’s everything again, this is unrehearsed and this is the end of this program so we can start the stupid music and I’ll pretend to be going back to work.

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