Dewalt Tool Chest

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The solution to storing all of your heavy tools is the craftsman heavy-duty tool storage system. the lid on most models features gas struts that assist the lid to open and securely keep it there until you close it. each drawer holds up to 75 pounds.

Dewalt Tool Chest, even when fully loaded they slide in and out easily, thanks to craftsman dynaglide drawer performance, which provides smooth, sturdy operation. the large style trim is easy to grab.

And because we know things get messy while you’re getting the job done, we made sure this trim is easy to clean. for overall durability, heavy duty tool cabinets are built with crafts an exclusive A-frame construction. the bends in the metal create a structure stronger than traditional flat metal-sided tool chests. the whole cabinet is mounted on 4.5- by1.5-inch casters that support up to 650 pounds. the quality and durability of all craftsman heavy duty tool storage units

are backed by a six-year warranty. and if you’re ready to take your tool storage to the next level check out craftsman premium heavy duty tool storage, featuring increased storage capacity, the grip latch drawer latching system, highly secure tubular locks, and more. the stainless steel premium heavy-duty combo also features the exclusive dynagard clear coat for an added layer of protection. want to store your tools the right way?

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