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I am doing my hair and I’m going to get ready because we are going to meet some friends for some drinks. EJ and I haven’t really been out with our friends in a while because we’ve been working on our careers and doing grown people stuff. so I’m excited to see our friends. we will meet at 5 or 6 pm so I’m getting ready right now because my hair usually takes forever to get ready and I needed to wash it. hi guys! so I am ready! we are
Clarisonic Smart Profile Gift Set, going to get ready to go and meet our friends for drinks. my hair is done! and my outfit is nice!happy Sunday! we are getting something for family and we are going to go to¬†church. we are going to go to church today and then, I gotta do my video shoot and a photo shoot.i had to move them to today instead of yesterday.¬†Clarisonic Smart Profile Gift Setso that’s what we are doing! are you buckled?!we are going to go to the video shoot! at the park! I hope nobody is there!morning! it is Monday morning. we are at Isabelle’s school. today I have a much of stuff to do! which, I am really excited for because the past few days have been super boring for you guys. I know you guys say that you don’t mind boring but let’s be real?! so I have to go toss to fix a few things and then after I have to go home and start editing my collaboration video with jasmine Jordan and then, I have a bunch of videos I gotta film so, maybe I’ll film first then edit. I’ve got school projects for her that I have to do and I have another project that I am onboard for. so, today is going to be pretty busy. I’m going to be on the computer all day and driving all day. so that’s what we are going to be doing today. after I drop Isabella off, then I am going to go run my errands.

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