Clarisonic Smart Profile Getting Started

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Clarisonic smart profile is the next generation of Sonic Cleansing and Skin Care. It is designed to be easy to use, let’s take a quick tour of your new device to get you start it basic :

Charge it for 24 hours did charger call the peeling magnetizes┬áto the device and plugs into a wall laptop or any USB port, just press the power button for on or off. Now is in getting Smart,Smart Mode is smart brush heads and implements tell the device what to do when is smart brush head or Implement is attached this indicator lights up this light illuminates when it’s time to replace your smart brush head changing your brush head Asher’s optimal cleansing efficacy hold down the turbo button to deliver a power boost it anytime.

Turbo delivers Amplified cleansing results four areas of 7 dirt and debris or rough for the skin. Interrupted press and release the power button to pause you can cancel it cleansing cycle by holding power down for 3 seconds speaking of Power Smart profile has extended battery life but when it’s time to recharge this flight lets you know to quickly check the battery level press the turbo button while it’s still charging the numbers indicate how much battery you have left 4 means almost full now you’ve mastered the basics the Next Step start cleansing you can learn how to customize your experience and more and other smart profile videos smart profile is smart.

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