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Hey guys welcome and thanks for hanging out with me again I am most excited for today’s video which is going to be a tutorial and review of the Clarisonic Mia fit if you haven’t Clarisonic Smart Profile Fake, today we’re going to be diving into all of the amazing benefits of the Clarisonic has to offer Clarisonic uses patented sonic technology to really a vibrate the skin to help it releases all of the dirt in the most gentle way possible and using a sonic technology.

It cleanses the skin up to six times more than using your hands alone and helps you absorb eight times more product the Clarisonic Mia sell for 229 dollars Canadian a little bit cheaper on Amazon. All like that down below now the main difference between the Clarisonic and it’s cheaper competitors is the Clarisonic uses its sonic technology to gently vibrate the skin whereas the cheaper ones at the brush head rotate so there’s a lot more information on the skin that happens with the cheaper one is n2 Clarisonic now I know I’ve said this about a hundred times of my channel that I have been using my old Clarisonic for about five and a half years now I absolutely love it but I thought you know just time to upgrade so that is why I got the Clarisonic mia fit as you can see it’s about half the size I cannot reach us enough of the Clarisonic is my number one beauty hack and skin tool secret so with no further ado let’s jump right into the tutorial part of this Clarisonic video are sort of going to start with our Clarisonic and I’m going to be using my favorite brightening cream cleanser by dr. brand my big-screen to appear is to use a really foamy cleanser because this is going to help the Clarisonic glide across the skin a lot easier without any tug so here just wonder what your face and before you even begin to the Clarisonic I just like to create a lather this is really going to help the Clarisonic glide as you move it across the face the Clarisonic Mia comes with two settings.Setting one is 60 seconds for delicate everyday cleansing or setting to as that I have set here which is 80 seconds for a power cleanse post-workout or to remove long wear makeup. When you start the Clarisonic at the tea timer is going to pulse every 20 seconds to remind you to move on to the next area you’re going to get 20 seconds on your forehead 20 seconds on the nose and chin 10 seconds on the cheek 20 seconds on the neck now sometimes I use a whole separate setting from my neck but that’s because I want to do a good exfoliation before I shave so you just want to go ahead and rinse that off and your skin is completely refreshed as you can see there is no buildup on my skin at all it is so smooth.

It doesn’t even compare to washing your face with your hands or fingers just slide your right across the face oh my gosh you guys i cannot believe how much I love the pharaonic nothing has changed. I possibly love the Clarisonic Mia fit more than the original Clarisonic mia if it in my hands so much better it was so easy my skin is cleaner than ever and I actually love the general radiance brush head more than the sensitive brush head I feel like I got a way better clean my skin still feels the same level of cleaning but not as abrasive or rough as we as even the sensitive brush like I said I cannot recommend this product enough I hope each and every one of you pick this up I will link it down below I hope today’s video either a convince you to get a Clarisonic or be helped you use your Clarisonic a little bit better than you already did and I know this sounds really dramatic but if someone from Clarisonic is watching i just want to thank them because of this product has single-handedly changed my skin and has given me so much more confidence so I just want to thank you for providing such an amazing tool that actually works so if you absolutely love your pharaonic as much as I do it leave a comment down below and don’t forget to subscribe before you go also hit that little notification is so you know every time.

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