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First pitch for brewers giants is that 7:00. when it comes to fashion and beauty Courtney Dembski is the girl that we turn to.
Clarisonic Smart Profile Face, details on high-tech beauty products. that’s because I find people like Candace Corey.
we’re talking about tech this hour. this is vanquished — vanquish me. they put this pad on the person’s waist. 45 minutes to get this treatment done and they harness these frequencies to reduce fat in the valley, abs, love handles — it’s going to be gone. it’s about $500 per treatment and they suggest you do like for weekly treatments but if you do that you can become you can lose to 4 inches on that waistline. I’m like that. I could just go take a nap and do that. wake up 4 inches smaller. I love it. those of us who want to grow here, there are two things we need to have.
Alternate haircare has a technology for that. it’s a strand building protein. you put about a dime size of this and this will help the health of your hair. so you have less breakage. 94% of women found their hair was longer and stronger after two weeks. less breakage and longer hair. got it. tell me about why a may not I may not have to shave again. before in the past, if you wanted to do hair remover you couldn’t do it if you had light hair but now all skin tones and hair types can do it. All it does is it uses light pulses and it’s not uncomfortable. that pulse is the same type of pulse used for doctors and you can do it at home so you don’t have anything embarrassing. if you wax or shave you still do that but you still do this and your hair will stop growing…  I like this last one, it’s like an airbrush in a sponge. if you’ve had the clinic — sonic — you click the son and it buffs in your makeup.
you hear that home. You just put that on and buffs your stuff on. — buff your stuff on. I love that. and you’ve got giveaways. funsource:

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