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I’m going to share with you the fastest ever 60-second skincare routine featuring a few of my best skincare products that all work double-duty because if all you have to give me is one minute in the morning. I promise I can get you guys to flawless dewy glowy skin starting today so if you’re ready to check out this quick 60 seconds Clarisonic Smart Profile Face And Body, skincare routine keep on watching nowhere on my channel you guys have seen my 10 step Korean skincare routine morning skincare routine and my night skincare routine. I have got a skin routine for everything that I notice what we were missing was a quick or simple skincare routine because of I know a lot of you guys out there don’t necessarily have time or want to do a 10-step skincare routine, so I thought why not pick a few of my best skincare products all of them to work double duty and sit down with you guys and make it the fastest ever skincare routine.
Okay, I’m going to go ahead and give my face a quick miss with this Evian water to get prepares oh too much too much hit the clock now first we’re going in with the purity made a simple cleanser. This is my philosophy and it’s actually a three in one cleanser guys and the great part is because it’s a three-in-one cleanser. This is going to be your makeup remover your eye makeup remover and your toner all at once so you won’t even need a toner after this is done just like that you want to go ahead and give your face a quick rinse now because we’re skipping serum in the skincare routine you want to go ahead and use a more luxurious and moisturizer. When it contains more active ingredients today we’re using it the multi active jour by clarins I absolutely love clarins this is going to help target fine lines and wrinkles and just using adime sized amount you want to go ahead and just spread this evenly all over theskin moisturizer is full of antioxidant ingredients and what that’s going to do is help your skin to glow and be protected all day long our guys were down to our last step in this 60 second skincare routine was just a few seconds to go every day you want to make sure that you are wearing a sunscreen.

Every single day for this skincare routine I’m going to go ahead and use my diy a sunscreen cushion that I made if you guys haven’t seen me make this I’ll link it down below this is a sunscreen cushion that makes your sunscreen application and reapplication so much easier throughout the day you guys thereis no excuse to be unprotected from the sun you do not want to be a wrinkly leather bag oh gosh that was close that was the 60 second skin care routine canyou believe it we did it for all of you out there who don’t think that you havetime for a skincare routine and this is the one for you the 60 second skincare routine leaves you with no excuses and not to have dewy beautiful glowy skin if you guys love the quick skin care routine and want to see more skincare routines go ahead and give this video a big like always you can find all of thebest skincare products that i talked about today linked in the descriptionbox it down below if you guys have your own 60-second skincare routine or a30-second skincare routine make sure you let me know in the comments down belowabout any future suggestions as well and like always I love sitting down and chatting with you guys about today’s beauty and skincare products from all over the world if you need more.

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