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The lawn guy here hard knocks this is for you this is my toolbox for you what I have is the 52 inches husky matte black from home depot they like 7hundred dollars for it up things I’ve added to it is a light up here just went to harbor freight got the magnet drove it onto the back of a shop light from home depot popped it right up there and lights this thing up.

Husky Tool Chest, beautifully also another thing that I added was from harbor freight the power strip back here it allowed me to plug and more mighty larger plugs for my chargers then the power strips that came with it you can see what comes with it is two on each side or one on each side with two USB ports but they’re just so close to each other you start plugginginto larger plugs and that just your wasting space up here on top I keep mydrills and pack wrenches all that good stuff normally I keep these two in my truck since they’re small compact and powerful the milwaukee’s.


It’s what I’ve raved about those are the beasts that I usefor the harder to break loose bolts one thing I like about this box is the backis magnetized so you can just stick stuff up right along the back another feature I like what’s this box is a has a soft close doors so if things don’t goflying around when you close your doors let’s let’s start going through thedoors and see what I got in here the top drawer that’s my screw driver drawer security bits I use the tech dons screwdrivers, I really like the shape of the handles they say they fit my hands really wellwhere.
I get a lot of good to work with them next you were down is my pliers or I got to organizer from harbor freight the works great allows me to get a lot more in here next we’re down would be my electrical drawer for working on my pumps on my my trucks such as that one we have a power spreaders that our maintenance nightmares always have to work on the electrical stuff on those so this is basically this torch for digital battery testers I love these things next we’re down is my socket. Drawer bite work wrenches in here I keep my smaller snap-on torque angle or torque wrench in here and I have a 3/8 a one in my truck I keep with me and then havethe larger craftsman digital clicker in here next we’re down my wrench drawer which ineed to get another box with another wide door it’s like put all my wrenchesin here these take up a lot of room what this will do for right now next door down would be my file and drill drawer the harbor freight drill bits thesearen’t bad you just got to be careful of the smaller ones because I heat up fast and they will break but uh this kid actually that started me well you see mypunches all the good stuff in here he’s my favorite .

I use these the most for drilling holes next word is the drawer I use at least now it’s my air tool drawer I could cry sell just buy everything in here and not miss it ever since I started using the Milwaukee and the snap-on power tools just haven’t found a need to police things out and pull the hose out and everything my air compressor basically just mostly for putting on tigers. Now my larger tool drawer got my porter’s and things like that down here next to whatever it’s my saw drawer my inspection camera things like that next one up until being the hammer jeweler along it’s my pry bars we’re just getting to work out. I think these might be harbor freight ones but these actually served me well my exdrawer next one up b is where I keep my clamps my miscellaneous geor mostly touch-up paint sandpaper things like that next we’re up would be my knife and cutting george and then the top is my t-handle drawer then around to the side here I went to harbor freight but the paper towel holder and the glove holder and they come in only red but I spray paint on black with a bed liner paint actually matches a toolbox very well on the back here.

So I keep my lights the bottom two are craftsmen the one in the middle would be the harbor freight one which that just I mean I would like it more if it works was plugged in but battery-powered only and then I got the snap on one up the top as you can see I use that a lot of time on the interior when I’m working on the trucks so that’s quick tour of my toolbox if you would just subscribe hit the like button and I’ll talk to you guys next time.



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