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Considering Effective Advice Of tool chest With tools

snap on tool storage top chest
Hello guys, we're going to be moving into this tool box not really doing a tool chest with tools
 tour but we're going to be doing a review on the toolbox a lot of people ask me you know can I do a review on it they want to know dimensions and everything like that quality and how it held up for me because there are quite a few toolbox reviews on this site, but when it comes to the husky boxes there aren't very many on this box and the ones that there are aren't that great because I tried looking for them as well before I purchase this box as well so I want to make a review for you guys that asked me to and for anybody else watching I really hope you guys enjoy and if you just got off work grab yourself a beer and enjoy be going over the specs quality warranty price dimensions all that good stuff so if you enjoyed make sure to hit that thumbs up please comment down below.

Thank you guys okay so before I actually get in to showing you that I mentioned talking more about the box I want to go over something real quickly a lot of questions where this question is asked a lot will store block boxes from like Lowe's or Home Depot or anything like that such as Husky Milwaukee Koval craftsman will they hold up for a do-it-yourselfer or professional do-it-yourselfers they're absolutely great boxes are great for home use for starters or professionals they are good boxes but for starters.

I wouldn't you know if you're expecting this box will ask you in the professional field for years and years is probably not going to happen now if you're if you take care of it really well it will last you allow in the professional field but to me I would just say they're good starter boxes because if you're getting into this field and you don't have a lot of money you want to focus on putting that money.

Towards tools other than a box as long as your box holds the amount of tools that you have and secure them it doesn't matter that is a great starter box now later on you can get a better box but start out make sure you get yourself some good quality tools so you can get those jobs going good and fast so you can make that money to invest in a better box but for these store-bought boxes they are great starter boxes so if you're wondering that it's true they are great starter boxes but I'd say a year or two and then maybe think about investing into a better box also you got to be careful when you're in a store looking for tool boxes like this Husky Milwaukee cobalt.

All of them they make many different varieties of their boxes and they're not all of the same quality some will be a lot funnier than others they may look identical like the 60-inch workbench that's almost identical to this it just doesn't feel as well built because I'm very interested in that box but I think I want something a little bit higher quality so if you had that 16 inch workbench I'm sure it's great for you and I would love to add it here but I think I'm going to get like a gate or build blocks for my starter box but we're going to get into the information on this box.

Now I never look what you got to do it hey youtubers so this is my husky 52 inch flat black or textured black cool box it has been great for home use and I believe it would even work as a good starter box it's 52 inches wide and 20 inches deep it's a 15 drawer tool chest and cabinet textured black and it runs around $700 at 698 if you can get a military discount it's even cheaper and sometimes they'll be on sale as well but the total cubic inches of storage is thirty-five thousand seven hundred and fifty seven so a good amount of room it features power scripts a magnetic back wall a bottle opener liners a handle for the side heavy-duty casters it can support up to 2,500 pounds the model number is hotel 50 #NAME?

It has all the dimensions here online but I'm not going to go over them I'm going to actually show you the measurements because they are different but it comes assembled it's the top and bottom you can order them separately it's got a rust resistant powder coat textured black paint with the black handles which I like some people might not like that some people like the black and chrome but I like the murdered-out look the drawer slide weight rating is 120 pounds per pair and then they are ball bearing slides the lid has gas struts and it does have the soft close drawers feature the gauge steel used on this box is 20 and then it's considered a heavy duty grade so it has dual locks it has a lock for the top box.

Bottom box and the safety drawer over here where you can keep you know if your wallet and keys and stuff nominal width is 52 drawers is 15 number of shells is one which is inside of that hutch on top product depth is twenty point two but we'll get to that parallel bit the overall height is sixty four point three inches and 421 pounds the actual width is fifty two point four inches it is returnable in 90 days to Home Depot and once again the weight capacity is 2500 I do really enjoy these casters and I will go over the pros and cons of everything of this box that I've noticed so far but let's get into a close-up.

So here you can see the double locks for one for the bottom one for the top and then over here on this store you have a lock as well which they give you a gray fee for but here's the style of key that you get and it actually works really well it's smooth operating when I first got this box one of the downsides that or I consider Kahn was that I had an issue locking the top box sometimes just because of this top hatch it wouldn't shut a level one side would kind of angle up just hair just where women chefs I have to put my finger here to lock it but all I did was twist it.

It operates perfectly nice super easy to operate for both top and bottom so I'm going to leave them on a lot for now but here is the other style for the individual drawer it's a silver one and the top and bottom both use the same key so you don't have to worry about adding multiple keys for each lock so that's a good thing but now we're going to get into the dimensions and I will kind of show you what is different about online compared to the actual box.

So okay so online it does say the depth of it or the length is twenty point four twenty point three which is not actually correct it is 19 and three quarters up top and on the bottom is 20 and 1/8 so maybe more for the bottom box but the top and bottom are actually a little bit different sizes just because the top box does fit inside the lift of the bottom box not a big deal so the outside dimensions of the box is off a little bit but pretty accurate now let's look at the length of the box so the length of the top which is obviously going to be just a little bit shorter than the bottom.

It's 51 and 3/4 and the bottom is 52 and 1/8 so the bottom box it is obviously a little bit bigger because it has to hold the top box but the real misunderstanding is the debt yes it's 20 inches on the outside but let's get into actually measuring the drawers and this would be considered a con if you didn't understand the description online so yes the box is 20 inches deep and the drawers do pull out where they're flush with the drawer above it but measuring the actual depth of the drawer you have not sure if you guys can see that or not but just over 17 and a quarter or 3/4 17 and 3/4 inches deep and then on the bottom box again going from the back of the board.

The bottom box is 17 and 1/8 inches deep so the bottom box drawers aren't as deep as the top box and neither of them are 18 inches long so you have a 20 inch B box and they're only using 17 and roughly a half an inch so that's a downside they do say it's 20 inches deep but the drawers don't utilize all of that space just because the locking mechanism in the back and I don't know they could have figured out a little bit better way to operate it to where they could have had a little bit deeper drawer like some of the more expensive boxes but you get what you pay for we went over the depth of the box and you know the total height and width of the box, so up top you have two handles here so it's better than those boxes that are just blushing kind of got gravity so you get to handle the top let's be kind of imprinted on the top here open it up you have this nice husky back plating to it.

It's screwed to the top if you have gas struts here which operate really nicely smooth operation note Odia and then you get six total drawers and your work surface here and the box does come with all the drawer liners and this little workspace liner as well but let's get a little bit closer up and take a look into the top part okay so you can see this rail system on the back you can't attach things to it with certain rail attachment but it is a big magnetic strip across the back so you can throw things on there and just you know you're more commonly used stuff.

I don't really use it but it is a really nice feature to have so you do have that running across basically the entire back of the box and then another nice thing about this box disconnect you guys you do have power strips in the top part which are on both sides of the box and what's nice is each one has four plug ins and two USB ports and keep these here for my music and charging my camera and stuff like that but you get a nice depth here good workplace.

I usually try to keep my top clear but I'm kind of over flow on tools right now so I'm using as much as I can as Chargers that has two grommets one on this side and one on this side as well and that is basically it for the top far as the drawers we already went over how deep they are in the box but how these are the actual drawers and they actually differ from type size these are an inch and a half each this direction and these are an inch and three quarter deep this direction and then these two bottom bigger zorg are four and 7/8 inches deep so they are a good depth on these two bottom drawers.

These are deep enough to hold screwdrivers and pliers and a low profile wrench set so they are deep enough for that but I just keep my food writers there and my pliers here because I like to stand them up instead of laying them down because it does save some room so that's what I've done with my box but it's overall really nice all of these are a single slide drawer one slide on each side even this bigger drawer here but it still holds 120 pounds and whether I've had you know sockets or pliers or whatever in here I'm pretty sure 120 pounds was plenty for that drawer but let's move into the bottom box but before that you guys did see that this does have the nice soft.

Close feature and I've had zero issues with that they've all worked really nicely whether the drawer is loaded down or empty they've worked great for me looking at the bottom box you have a nine drawer system here you can buy this by itself I think is around $400 individually you got your four drawers on this side which are you know about three quarters of it and then you got your quarter drawers over there and then your long whole drawer right here and most people will keep their sockets and extensions and ratchets in this drawer but the issue I came into where my half inch drive socket stood just a hair too tall for the drawer to shut so I made this my main wrench drawer and it does only have a depth of 17 and a quarter.

That direction and about a three and a half inch depth this direction so it is a really good sized roar but I couldn't use it for all what I wanted but I'm sure a majority of people could make it work so another thing I want to mention about this drawer it is the long drawer but it only has the single slide on each side but it does have the center brace slide as well so this drawer is rated around 2 pounds which is plenty for your sockets and ratchets and stuff so here's kind of a side view of it and it has worked great for me it operates extremely smoothly as well and I've had no issues with it so after that you have your kind of three quarter sized drawers here which are once again sonatina a quarter inches deep and then three and a quarter as well so these were the ones that were just big enough to hold my hat in stock.

So, if that pushes back a little bit there is a little bit of slider enough for it to work as my soccer court and it works well so this is what I keep my socket and ratchet works great I keep my metric and ratchet in that drawer and then my SAE and extensions in this drawer so they all work perfectly you never have problems the soft clothes or anything like that this bottom drawers both of the bottom drawers are dual slide I gave you a better angle this drawer is completely loaded down.

I have a lot of specialty tools and everything in here I mean it's loaded down but it does have the dual slides and they operate really well so even with this drawer completely loaded down it does operate extremely well no binding or grinding or anything like that same thing with this drawer I keep a lot of books and there's a big Tecton angle wrench set in here so this roar is really weighed down too but once again you got the dual slides so it's rated at around 250 pounds so good bottom drawers and then with these side ones it is once again the single slide same dimensions as the bigger drawer obviously just not as big this direction so that's it but let's take a look at one of the cons before.

We get to the end of this video so I absolutely love this flat black and black combination it's really nice the handles and the trim is all kind of semi-gloss black where the drawers and everything are the textured black powder coating closer up of it and then the handles but one of the cons is the trim pieces here and the edges of the handles can be pretty sharp they don't have end cast like little plastic end caps on them or anything so they can be sharp and then here you have the side trim which looks really nice but it's literally just held on by like 3m tape or something like that and this piece always starts coming off but all I do is press it back on and it stays but every once in a while it will come off.

I mean it never fully comes off or anything but they could have done a better job with the trim like it says it does have 20 gauge steel and it is double rolled here at the tops of the drawer and everything so it does give them a little bit more rigidity you don't have a lot of play back and forth in the drawer they are actually pretty damn sturdy so that's one great thing about it the drawers are actually really strong they're not weak or anything like that but I just think they could have done a better job on the trim and then the depth of the drawer I think they could have gone and used a little bit more of this space that they have in this box to make the drawers just even an inch deeper and then as far as the casters.

It is a six caster box you have swivels on both sides and solid rigid casters in the sin they are all black which I really like it has a very nice locking mechanism and they are really smooth operating casters so that's to unlock it and then to lock it you just press this down and it's simple as that they operate extremely smoothly these casters have been fantastic not that I move this box a whole lot but it does sit in front of my breaker box so I do have to move it every once in a while but that is the Husky 52 inch textured black box also one thing I want to mention is it does come with a handle for pushing or pulling the box I did not put it on because I had it but it up against my workbench and then I didn't want the overhang here but they do have mounting points for it on both sides of the box and it does come with a beer bottle opener for your brewskis which can only be mounted to one side this not this side it can be mounted right here on the side but it obviously butts up against my workbench though I just mounted it to my workbench and it works just fine so that is basically it guys .

So that's basically it for this husky 52 inch textured black toolbox I believe it's a great box I think a lot of people could get away is using it as a starter box if you have the money you can get a better box but if you don't have the tools to make sure you're putting that money towards tools and saving towards the box but as far as crafting be Milwaukee Coble a majority of them would make good starter boxes so for this box 52 inches wide this way 20 inches deep and obviously all the drawers vary depending on the depth but the depth this this direction the drawer drain from 17 at quarter to 17 and 3/4 so I think they put up as let's go over comm.

I think they could as your did a little bit better to make the door stir even an entity for closer to that twenty inches and then just as one Trinity to over here that I have an issue with that might not be a con for other people but the pros love the textured black the black on black the casters are great the drawer slides work phenomenal defense on the gauge of steel the power strips are great features the magnetic strip the gas shock on this hutch for the top work absolutely great all-around great you get drawer liners so lots of pros and just those cons of the drawer death and that trim piece so keep that in mind when you're looking at boxes you really want to thoroughly look through it and when you order them from Home Depot or Lowe's or Sears whether you go with craftsman cobalt Milwaukee Buffy you do get a warranty on it for at W five set 90 days 60 or 90 days so when you get it.

It is usually packaged very well so just go through it real quick make sure nothing is damaged or anything like that make sure you have your handle for the box your bottle opener and those are the only two items you have to install on the box besides two six casters so it all comes assembled you don't have to mess with the drawers or anything like that so that is a good thing overall great box this I would recommend to people using it as a starter box or a do-it-yourselfer but if you have money you can put it towards a better box but make sure you got those better tools as well I really hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you did please make sure to hit that thumbs up leave a comment down below of the box that you might really enjoy that you got on a deal or just something that you really love and as.


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